July 2016 F-35 Fighter Jet Squadron Aviator Training Hiring Needs

Greetings Tailhook Aviators! 

Thanks very much for your service to our nation!  If you are getting ready to separate or retire from active duty military service or if you have done so already we would like to make you aware of our hiring needs in case you are looking for an exciting employment opportunity.

The Program:  Lockheed Martin's Training & Logistics business area delivers training and simulation technologies, as well as live training, to defense and civil customers worldwide.  Lockheed Martin's advanced flight training services provide training to military aviators, commercial pilots and astronauts.  For our F-35 Pilot Training Program this important work can provide some very interesting challenges and opportunities for former Military Aviators who are interested in domestic or overseas assignments.   




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Flight Instructor Staff / Pilot SME / US Expat Overseas Role / Japan / F-35 Program



Flight Instructor Staff / Pilot SME / US Expat Overseas Role / Japan / F-35 Program



F-35 Instructor Pilot / Senior Staff / Full Mission Simulator / Luke AFB, AZ



F-35 Instructor Pilot / Senior Staff / Full Mission Simulator / Luke AFB, AZ



F-35 Instructor Pilot / Senior Staff / Full Mission Simulator / Luke AFB, AZ



F-35 Flight Instructor Staff / Former Fighter Pilots Needed / Yuma, AZ



Jobs do get filled and new jobs are added during the month so if a link is inactive we'll be updating our list shortly. 



Please email your resume to our dedicated recruiter Lynda Pisacreta and your introductory questions. We also have listed some frequently asked questions below which may help to brief you on key items.  Please mention "Tailhook" in your subject line.  Along with your questions please include information on your flight platform experience and your date of availability along with any geographic preferences.  The more flexible you can be on location the easier it can potentially be to get onto our program. 


Our F-35 Pilot Training Program's Direct Recruiting Contact Info:  Lynda Pisacreta / lynda.pisacreta@lmco.com


Lockheed Martin Job Seeker Profile Creation Link:


The F-35 Program does require an active secret clearance (with a recent periodic reinvestigation within the past five years) and the ability to obtain a highly sensitive F-35 program clearance. 


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Aviator & Lockheed Martin Recruiter frequently asked questions (FAQs):

F-35 Pilot Training Program related:

Q  Is Lockheed Martin a military friendly company?  A Yes we are.  More than 20% of our current 126,000 employees are US Veterans. 

Q Is there room for advancement within the Lockheed Martin F-35 Pilot Training Program? A Yes absolutely especially given our projected growth over the next few years. 

Q Do I need to have a recently active secret clearance (utilized within the past 24 months)? A Yes.

Q Do I need to have had a secret clearance background periodic re-investigation within the past 5 years?  A Yes.


International / OCONUS Locations related:

Q What are your major international (OCONUS) locations?  A Italy, Norway, Israel, Australia, and Japan currently.

Q Do these international / OCONUS positions offer relocation assistance? A Yes in most cases.

Q Can my family relocate with me for long-term overseas assignments? A Yes in most cases

Q Are the international positions SOFA eligible? A In some cases where we have US bases on foreign soil yes but in other cases no. 

Q  Will Lockheed Martin pay to store some of my possessions stateside while I am on long-term overseas assignment? A Yes with most cases.

Q  Will Lockheed Martin pay for housing while on overseas assignment? A Yes. 

Q  Will Lockheed Martin provide an educational allowance (K-12) to pay for my children’s in-country schooling while we are on a long-term overseas assignment?  A Yes in most cases. 

Q For international assignments will I need any foreign language skills? A Not as a requirement although certain languages might be a plus.  In many cases we may even provide some foreign language learning tools. 

Q  Will Lockheed Martin cover costs for annual family trips back to the states (or other destinations) while we are OCONUS?  A Yes well will in most cases (after a minimum service of six months OCONUS).  

Q  Are their tax advantages for OCONUS assignments?   Yes in many cases but varies by host country and other factors. 


Domestic / CONUS Locations related:  

Q What are your major domestic (CONUS) locations?  A NAS Lemoore, MCAS Beaufort, MCAS Cherry Point, MCAS Yuma, Edwards AFB, Luke AFB, Eglin AFB, Nellis AFB, Hill AFB

Q Do these domestic / CONUS positions offer relocation assistance? A Yes in most cases.




Below is some additional information on our locations which do often have hiring needs. 


Domestic F-35 Fighter Jet Squadron Training Sites


Beaufort, SC / MCAS Beaufort

Havelock, NC / MCAS Cherry Point

Yuma, AZ / MCAS Yuma


NAS Lemoore / Lemoore, CA

Fort Walton Beach, FL / Eglin Air Force Base

Glendale, AZ / Luke Air Force Base


Las Vegas, NV / Nellis Air Force Base

Ogden, Utah / Hill Air Force Base

Palmdale, CA / Edwards Air Force Base





International F-35 Fighter Jet Squadron Training Sites

Foggia, Italy - Amendola Air Base is located approximately 10 miles northeast of the city of Foggia and is also located within the Italian province of Foggia.  The province is also known to some as Capitanata.  The province is located in the Apulia region of Italy. Apulia is a region of southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Òtranto and Gulf of Taranto in the south. Its southernmost portion, known as Salento peninsula, forms a high heel on the "boot" of Italy.  US expats living in Italy have lots of great things to say about their experience in this exotic country with its vibrant people and dynamic culture.  Easy access to the rest of Europe also adds a lot of excitement and adventure to living in this part of the world. 


Nevatim, Israel (near Beersheba aka Be'er Sheba) - Our work site is located in Nevatim which is a very small village in southern Israel about 3 or 4 miles southeast of Beersheba.  Beersheba is really the heart of southern Israel with lots of modern architecture and metropolitan area conveniences.  Beersheba is an Israeli cultural center with museums and a symphony orchestra.   Beersheba is one of the fastest-growing cities in Israel. Beersheba is the central transport hub of southern Israel, served by roads, railways and air. Beersheba is home to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  Beersheba has a hot semi-arid climate with hot and dry summers and cool and rainy winters.  Where can you get to from Beersheba? Beersheba is located on the northern edge of the Negev desert about 70 miles (115 KM) south-east of Tel Aviv and 75 miles southwest of Jerusalem. 


Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan / MCAS Iwakuni - Iwakuni is a city on the Japanese Island of Honshu in the eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, bordering the Seto Inland Sea.  Iwakuni is a great place to live and offers much entertainment and culture for its residents and visitors alike.  The Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni or MCAS Iwakuni is located in the city of Iwakuni.  Yamaguchi Prefecture is in the Chugoku region on Honshu island. The capital is the city of Yamaguchi, in the center of the prefecture. The largest city, however, is Shimonoseki.  US expats living in Japan have lots of great things to say about their experience living in this exotic country with its vibrant people and dynamic culture. 


Williamtown, NSW, Australia - Williamtown is a rural suburb of the Port Stephens Counsel (similar to a county) in the Hunter Valley region of Australian state of New South Wales (NSW). The climate here is just incredible with warm summers and very mild winters. This region of New South Wales is called the Hunter Valley or the Hunter Region and extends from approximately 75 miles to 200 miles to the north of Sydney. Hunter Valley is most commonly known for its wineries and coal industry. Most of the population of the Hunter Region lives within 16 miles of the coast, with 55% of the entire population living in the cities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. The total combined population of this region is approximately 620,000. Where can you get to from Williamtown?  Port Stephens and its scenic suburbs are 15 to 30 minutes to the north.  The scenic coastal city of Newcastle is just 25 minutes to the south. The famous New South Wales capital city of Sydney is about a two hour drive to the southeast. 


Orland, Norway - Orland is a municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. It is part of the Fosen region. Ørland is located at the southwestern tip of the Fosen peninsula at the northern shore of the mouth of Trondheimsfjord where the Stjørnfjord arm begins. The climate here is somewhat mild as compared to other regions of Norway.  Ørland consists of wide open spaces mainly used by Norway’s main air force base, agriculture, nature conservation areas and residential neighborhoods. The municipality also includes three inhabited islands (Garten, Kråkvåg and Storfosna) as well as many islets.  Ørland is the Fosen region's center for both shopping and business services.  Passenger ferries run between Brekstad and Trondheim eight times each direction on weekdays. This makes commuting convenient and many commute to and from Trondheim for work.