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Address Update

January 2017

Tailhoook Website Update

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Membership Engagement

We all know that being a member of the Tailhook Association is quite unique. Few are those who have the experiences that we have, and those who are actively involved in carrier aviation today are forging our history for the future. We have a bond, a sense of camaraderie, and a brotherhood/sisterhood built on service and sacrifice. If anyone asks what the value is in being a member, please refer to the previous sentence. As such, your Board of Directors, Officers and headquarters staff strive to provide you the best membership experience through our annual symposium/reunion, a world class magazine and website, as well as social media. Additionally, we encourage year-round social engagement via our local “ready rooms”. The below is one of the latest engagements led by CAPT “Shrek” Malone and CDR “T-murph” Murphy along with several others. D.C. “FCLPs” was held on 27 January at the Highline in Crystal City.

We will continue to promote local engagement throughout the year as our membership is deployed overseas, resides in all 50 states, as well as 20 other countries. We encourage you to get together with other members in your area whenever possible. Due to the large contingent of both military and industry attendance at the annual AFCEA WEST conference in San Diego, the Tailhook Headquarters will be holding our traditional Open House for all members, and we hope you can join us. Please see below for details:

Tailhook Association Headquarters Open House

Date: 23 February, 2017
Where: 9696 Businesspark Ave, San Diego, CA 92131
Time: 1700 - 2000
Dress: Casual (Active Duty, Flight Suits)

Tailhook Educational Foundation

The Tailhook Educational Foundation

31 January, 2017


Happy New Year! Your Tailhook Educational Foundation (TEF) continues to thrive, and had a banner year in 2016 due to your unmatched generosity. Please accept our heartfelt and sincere thanks for your ever-growing support.

I’d like to use this first 2017 Newsletter to remind us all what a great cause we serve, as well as highlight some of the ways we can reach and impact even more young students with our scholarship awards. As you may know, we opened up our scholarship website application pages last December, and it will close on March 1, 2017. There are three (3) types of scholarships for our applicants:

  • High School: For eligible graduating/graduated High School students.
  • College: For eligible students currently enrolled in College.
  • Enlisted: For eligible Enlisted personnel who desire assistance in furthering their education.

Not surprisingly, we already have hundreds of applicants for our 2017 awards. Our staff answers questions daily on scholarship eligibility. So, allow me to provide a quick refresher. To be eligible for one of our approximately100 annual Tailhook scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be the son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter of a Naval Aviator (Pilot or Naval Flight Officer or Aircrewman) who served in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps or, U.S. Coast Guard, or;
  • Be the son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter of someone in our U.S Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard who deployed on an Aircraft Carrier as a part of ship’s company or an embarked staff.

Also, to be eligible for a Tailhook scholarship, applicants must:

  • Have a High School (or equivalent) degree, and;
  • Be in the process of applying to an accredited college or university for an undergraduate degree.

Next let me highlight just a few of the ways donors can continue to contribute, all of these methods remain tax deductible. You can:

  • Write us a check.
  • Sign up for a one-time, or, for periodic automatic deduction(s) through the GiveDirect program (https://www.givedirect.org).
  • Shop on Amazon via the Amazon Smile program which automatically gives a percentage of your purchase to your TEF.
  • Use the Combined Federal Campaign Program (CFC) if you are still on Active Duty or in the Reserves.
  • Sponsor a HOOK-to-School magazine mailing to the High School, College, ROTC unit, or organization of your choice.
  • Donate via one of our several planned giving programs.

We have also had many of the families of our Naval Aviation heroes who recently departed the pattern for the last time opt to have donations made to the TEF in lieu of flowers.

Finally, I’d like to summarize the objectives of the TEF Strategic Plan approved by your Board of Directors for 2017-2025. Your Board voted to increase our TEF support to Naval Aviation legacy students by:

  • Maintaining a minimum of 100 scholarships each year / a minimum of $2500 per award.
  • Increasing the yield of each perennial scholarship to $2500 per year by increasing perennial scholarship funding to $50K for both existing and new perennial scholarships.
  • Growing the number of perennial scholarships:
    2020 Goal = 50 @ $50K
    2025 Goal = 75 @ $50K

Again, our sincerest thanks for all that you do for Tailhook Naval Aviation. We count on your steadfast support and generosity to enable us to continue to reach these obtainable strategic goals for our scholarship candidates. If you have any questions about scholarship eligibility or ways to donate, or as importantly, if you have any ideas or recommendations for your Board of Directors regarding your Tailhook Educational Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact me personally at quinnjj@att.net or 858-254-2275. We are here to serve you.

Warm Regards

Tailhook Educational Foundation

J.J. Quinn
Rear Admiral, USN (Ret)
Chairman of the Board
Tailhook Educational Foundation

(H) 858-771-1092
(W) 619-795-5072
(C) 858-254-2275
(F) 858-771-1093

Hook Reunion Shirt

Cruise for Vets

"Cruise for Vets" has offered the Tailhook Educational Foundation an opportunity to join their team of potential veteran charities passengers on their cruise could sponsor.

"Cruise for Vets" will provide passengers an option to donate to the Tailhook Educational Foundation while they take their reduced rate Caribbean cruise next Spring. Click on the link below to sign up for this great opportunity.

Please update your current address information by calling (800) 322-4665 or visit our website by clicking here Address Update.

The Tailhook Association Membership Database is maintained at our corporate headquarters:
9696 Businesspark Ave
San Diego CA 92131
Visit us: www.tailhook.org or www.tailhook.net

Dates and Telephone Numbers to Remember:
Symposium: 7-10 September 2017 The Nugget, Sparks Nevada
Symposium: 6-9 September 2018 The Nugget, Sparks Nevada

Hook Reunion Coordinator (Gregory Keithley): (800) 322-4665
The Tailhook Educational Foundation (CFC #10251): (800) 269-8267
The Tailhook Ship’s Store: (800) 322-4665

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